Increase Site Traffic with a Mobile Responsive Website

Coast Into the Mobile Age

From mobile to desktop, Reap + Sow creates a transparent user experience across all devices. 50% more consumers use their mobile devices than their laptop or desktop. What’s more, 85% of consumers search for a company on their phone or tablet before they visit or call them. It’s more important than ever to have a great mobile experience and there’s proven data behind it. Being mobile responsive ensures an increase in traffic, leads and conversions. Before you spend money on SEO or paid ads, make sure your website meets the expectations of your intended audience.

Does Your Website Make the Grade?

Google has a grading system. It’s real and it’s important. Google actually gives a higher grade or “points” to websites that are mobile responsive. Because of this grading scale, you’re likely to get found in an online search 15% or more than your competitors if your website is mobile friendly. With the amount of competition these days in every industry, 15% is a lot of leads that you can’t afford to miss out on. Become mobile responsive. It’s smart.

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

So how do you know if your site is mobile friendly or mobile responsive? Google has a great tool to use called Google Mobile-Friendly Test that assesses your site to see if it is mobile responsive. This tool also checks to ensure your buttons, links and content is readable or clickable on a mobile device. To use this tool, you would just insert your website URL such as and press the “Analyze” button. Simple and effective.

Your website will become more accessible to potential visitors resulting in a larger amount of lead generation and happier customers. Industries that sell consumer goods or services benefit from Mobile Responsive Websites because they offer a better user experience.

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