Why Choose Us

Innovation & Determination

Through research and client success we have discovered that planning, innovative thinking and aggressive digital marketing will make any business a leader in its industry. So don’t wait any longer. Focus on the future of your company and make it a priority. It doesn’t matter if you are in a niche market or have huge competition, every brand requires a marketing budget and direction in order to see optimal results.

Digital Marketing Direction

At Reap + Sow, we are more than a marketing company; we are a creative thinking company. The difference between us and other digital marketing firms is simple. We know that each brand requires its own direction, strategy and personal attention. We start with branding then create an entire marketing blueprint that places the company where it needs to be for optimal growth and return on investment.

Survive or Thrive

Only 50% of small businesses survive 5 years or more and only 33% of them survive past 10 years. Let’s defy that statistic. Choose a marketing firm that sets you apart from your industry competition with a proven record of lead conversion and SEO success. Choose to thrive, not just survive.