Email Marketing

Is Email Marketing Dead?

No. It’s alive and is the best marketing tactics that can be used but also the most overlooked at marketing tactic. In the workplace, just about everyone is using email to communicate and perform tasks. From the desktop to the mobile device and from the office to being on-the-go, email helps us work smarter and stay in communication. Contact us to learn more on how your business can benefit from email marketing and automation.

Our Email Marketing & Automation Services includes:

Setup and configure your account

Setup powerful workflows & triggers

Copywriting for email templates

Setup event tracking. Integrate with website and Google Tag Manager

Develop email templates optimized for mobile & desktop

Planning & discover to get the most ROI

Setup tags for enhanced customer scoring

Setup complex audience lists/database

Design conversion ready email templates

Optional: Manage account & lists, setup & send emails, campaign strategy

email marketing dashboard

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