How HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Can Help You Grow

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted most of us financially. As we rebuild and try to survive the pandemic’s financial aftermath, we need to share strategies and work together for growth. One thing that has helped our agency and clients is utilizing the HubSpot ecosystem and its inbound marketing and automation solutions.

Now I know what you must be thinking, how can adding another software solution help my cash flow issue? You want something that will make your life easier, optimize your sales process, and provide a good return on investment.

Economic instability need not spell demise. Quick action on your company’s marketing front can have a significant positive impact both in the short term and long term.

Businesses need to find better ways and tools to market their products instead of relying on paid advertising or other traditional methods. HubSpot’s inbound marketing and automation solutions have made online marketing strategies more efficient.

Just take a moment to see how HubSpot can recession-proof your business.

1. Utilize Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to software technology that manages a business’ marketing processes across multiple channels, automatically. Companies can, therefore, target customers with automated messages across web, email, social, and text.

Sets of instructions called workflows allow the sending of messages automatically. Templates, either custom-built from scratch or modified mid-campaign, define the workflows. HubSpot workflows can help automate your marketing and sales processes – from nurturing leads and attracting prospects to onboarding customers.

It’s common for marketing departments to automate repetitive tasks such as social media posting, ad campaigns, and email marketing for efficiency. Automation also provides a personalized experience for your customers. Remember that at its best, marketing automation combines software with strategy to help convert prospects to delighted customers.

2.  Create More, Better Content

The economic crunch should not slow down your content production. If anything, it should force you to create better content that engages your target audience, help you get found online, and interest qualified customers.

3.  Focus on Search Engine Optimization

Companies that invest time thinking and improving their search engine optimization will enhance their visibility online and increase the traffic to their websites and landing pages. In the current tight economy, organic search results will, by far, be your business’ most efficient way of reaching online users.

4. Get Smart about Social Media

A slowing economy, social distancing, curfews, and lockdowns mean that companies need to focus their marketing efforts on social media. Instead of paying for content advertising and distribution, you need to share your content and products with people across all your social networks and gain traction organically. You should also create a systematic company-wide social media approach as more people go online to interact with others safely.

5. Track Attributions

Marketing attribution refers to a reporting strategy that allows sales teams to see the impact of marketing on a sale or purchase. For instance, if your marketing team wants to evaluate how a social media or blog post strategy impacted sales, they may use marketing attribution techniques.

Attribution helps with a business’ decision making process specifically about where to invest its resources and time. It is so precise that marketers can pinpoint the exact efforts that lead to a conversion in your funnel. HubSpot has excellent reporting and attributions.

The Bottom Line

The present economic recession is an inflection point, one where smart businesses will reassess their operations and marketing strategies to become efficient. In contrast, slow-to-act companies will slowly starve themselves.

Notice the above strategies only cost you time and not money, yet they pay out in increased leads, conversions, and sales. They also save you a lot of money that you can redirect elsewhere to weather the economic slowdown.

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