6 Things Every SEO Agency Should Include

SEO is all the buzz nowadays and we get a lot of clients that have had horrible experiences with previous SEO companies. There must be a lot of big talkers out there because if an SEO agency tells you they optimized the site and then we take a look and it looks like nobody has […]

15 Must-Haves for Every Website

One of the most common questions we get asked is what a website should include and how it should look. This can be a difficult question to answer because every industry is different and every client has their own vision. Putting it simply, websites are like faces. They are all unique. But fantastic, thought-out websites […]

Why Business Owners Join the Chamber of Commerce

Reap and Sow Marketing teams up with ChamberofCommerce.com to raise brand awareness and to connect with other businesses in the organization. More than likely there is at least one local Chamber of Commerce to join. Networking events can be a blast and an opportunity to interact with potential customers. One tip I can provide is […]