Why Business Owners Join the Chamber of Commerce

Reap and Sow Marketing teams up with ChamberofCommerce.com to raise brand awareness and to connect with other businesses in the organization. More than likely there is at least one local Chamber of Commerce to join. Networking events can be a blast and an opportunity to interact with potential customers. One tip I can provide is make sure your packing your beautiful business cards. And one more, don’t just make an impression, make an impact.

Some organizations offer benefits which might include:

  • Premium listings with top placements in their search results.
  • Networking event tickets to attend local events.
  • Discounts or deals to other businesses.
  • A backlink or more with is a hyperlink that links to your business website.(this is highly important job for Search Engine Optimization)
  • A profile to have for hundreds or even thousands of other members to find your services. Most business owners check in their local chamber of commerce network before making a decision to purchase.
  • An official badge to place on your website for authority.
  • Use their job board to post job offers.
  • Demographics
  • Conference room for business meetings to impress your new-to-be clients.
  • A month or more of ad space on their website or in their catalogs.

There could be more benefits involved depending on which business package you choose. These organizations usually offer low to high packages in terms of pricing. We believe by having a strong network, you can leverage that to help scale your business. And that is the most powerful and important benefit you receive from joining a local Chamber of Commerce.

Tell us about any experiences you’ve had with being apart of the local Chamber of Commerce.