How to Maintain Sales Momentum While Working from Home

With COVID-19 throwing the proverbial wrench in the machinery of our day to day existence, it can be hard to adjust to changed circumstances in our personal and business lives. This “new normal” can pose a dilemma for company leaders and employees that were on a roll with their sales and marketing initiatives, only to have many business operations grind to an abrupt halt.

If you find yourself in just such a situation, how can you maintain sales momentum while working at home, and waiting for the coronavirus storm to pass? Here are 4 tips to help you out:

Host Virtual Meetings with Prospects Using Zoom, Skype, or Other Tools

Even though “social distancing” has suddenly become the norm, there are still plenty of ways to leverage modern technology to keep an open dialogue with your prospects. For example, video-conferencing tools can help bridge the social gap by providing the next best thing to in-person interactions: live, face-to-face feeds over the Internet. 

Zoom is one example. You can sign up for a free account, and hold unlimited meetings of up to 40 minutes with 3 or more “participants,” or (to be more accurate) participating devices. Inviting your contacts to join a meeting is easy. Furthermore, the 40-minute limit does not apply to meetings with only 2 participating devices.

Zoom, and other platforms like it, is a great way to maintain contact with your prospects from a distance at little to no cost to your budget.

Send Automated Emails Using HubSpot

You don’t have to let distractions affect your reach. Instead, you can use a CRM platform (like HubSpot) to keep your marketing efforts going strong. You can even use your time to focus more on message personalization – a tactic that HubSpot studies have found to be the go-to method for marketers to increase engagement.

Keep Your Company Blog Page Up to Date

On the surface, this may seem like a low-priority task. However, the ROI for this activity could end up being bigger than a lot of other things you do while working from home. 

You’ll probably want to focus on two key aspects of this point: posting relevant content, and optimizing your content for high-performing keywords. When it comes to relevance, audit your blog to see if previous posts have stayed on track with the core interests of your target personas. Publish new content that takes into account latest developments in your industry, or in the world as a whole. (For instance, if your readers are concerned about the coronavirus, and you can appropriately fit a discussion around it into your business content, then this would be a good topic to cover.)

As you audit your blog page, be sure to optimize your content for keywords. High performing keywords may mean the difference between negligible organic traffic and a steady influx of unique visitors. Of course, keyword optimization is only one aspect of search engine optimization, which leads into our final tip…

Leverage SEO Tactics to Grow Your Online Presence

By implementing SEO best practices, you won’t have to spend as much effort searching out warm leads – they’ll come to you. Some SEO tactics that you should consider using (if you aren’t already) include:

  • Keyword performance and density analysis
  • LSI keyword analysis
  • Meta description and tag audits
  • Keyword usage for local SEO (place names, “near me” phrasing, etc.)
  • Image utilization
  • Audits for page load speed and performance

Leveraging SEO tactics like those mentioned above can give your online presence a huge boost, whether there’s a global pandemic or not! 

If you’d like to learn more about ways to maintain your sales momentum while working from home, reach out to our team of friendly marketing and development experts at Reap + Sow Marketing today.