A Robot Hired our SaaS Marketing Manager

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Have you ever had a conversation with a chatbot?

You probably asked a general question like, “what are your hours?,” Why is my wifi not working?,“ or “Will you PLEASE connect me with a real person?”, But would you ever think about asking a chatbot for a management position even though the company didn’t have a job listing on their website?

James Mannheim wasn’t afraid to pop the question. And to nobodies surprise, was offered a job, an office with windows and after a quick interview it was clear that he was the Mann for the job.

Does He Have The Chops?

Yes. Chops bigger than the ones at Perry’s Steakhouse. (I once had leftovers for two days- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.)

According to his LinkedIn, and independent sources, James has:

  • Helped grow a marketing start-up into a thriving agency
  • Went from copywriter to strategist to marketing manager.
  • Served major clients in multiple industries such as Fandango, Shell, Mattress Firm and KB Home.
  • Currently working on a management degree from Harvard

What Does He Do Outside of The Office?

At Reap and Sow Marketing, we value a work-life balance and support the interests of our employees.

  • Lives on a farm with his wife, a dog, two cats, 8 deer and an alligator he hasn’t seen in months. (seriously.)
  • Is learning Norwegian – Jeg elsker lene min norske kone
  • Enjoys hiking, craft beer, trying new foods and all things marketing

How’s He Helping Reap and Sow?

Everyone at the agency plays a critical role. We are intentional in who we hire and look for people who will add long term value. Since joining the team, James has gone above and beyond to help his new clients including:

  • Assisting with strategy and account management
  • Writing copy for emails, websites, and workflows
  • Fine-tuning internal processes
  • Keeping everyone on their toes with deadpan humor

If you want to meet our new marketing manager, James, in person, keep an eye out for an email with info about our upcoming networking event.