Behind the Mask of Our Houston Marketing Agency

Open for business Marketing Agency Houston TX

Hiring a Houston marketing agency is a bit like online dating.

You flip through multiple agency profiles, looking for a good match. Some don’t even make it past the introductory phone call, while others, who looked good at the start, immediately fumble, sending the wrong proposal.

If you’re lucky, you will come across a “perfect 10” like Reap and Sow–an agency that not only produces attractive work but also gets the results and treats you right.

We’re a team you can take home to headquarters.

Meet the executives.

The Core Crew

Troy Cartmill

As our Houston marketing agency’s founder, owner, and head developer, Troy Cartmill brings a high level of technical expertise to the table. Drawing from his vast experience, he always knows which integrations work best for each new job.

Troy builds sales-driven websites on WordPress and HubSpot, fine-tunes marketing automation workflows, and uses his strong problem-solving skills to seamlessly handle any technical elements along the way. Troy also manages client SEO and backlink strategy to help clients get qualified traffic to their site.

Bethany Cartmill

As the Vice President of Business Development and our head designer, Bethany is always creating attractive designs and fine-tuning strategic branding elements for our clients. Her inventive branding strategies never fail to elevate sales. 

Excellent at helping potential customers identify their most pressing needs, she connects well with our clients, both on business and relational levels. In fact, most of our clients have stayed with us for over five years, citing Bethany’s commitment to service as the reason!

When problems do come up in the natural course of things, Bethany always seems to be a few steps ahead, already working proactively to provide a solution.

James Mann

James Mann, our marketing manager and head copywriter, turns technical jargon into content that addresses the customer’s pains. He’s quick to learn the ins and outs of your business put forward ideas that work.

Always thinking outside the box, he develops growth-driven content marketing strategies that routinely exceed expectations and challenge norms. 

His responsibilities include overseeing client HubSpot portals, onboarding leads, and managing client social media channels and content calendars. In this role, he’s able to help each client’s sales and marketing teams work together in more coordinated and effective ways.

Support Staff

We also want to highlight our robust support staff. We can’t praise them enough! They are a continuing reason for our success. They’ll also serve as an extension of your team, ensuring that every deliverable is completed on time and to the highest quality.

We collaborate with a sharp team of writers, a skilled videographer, experienced designers and developers, and a rock star HubSpot account manager.

The skills, expertise, and dedication of our support staff are vital keys to our success here at Reap and Sow.

We’re all better together.

Success Through Collaboration

Along with an estimated 42% of the U.S. labor force, our team is currently working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, thanks to the wealth of collaborative tools available due to current technology, we’re still operating with clear lines of communication as we work remotely. Amazingly, we’ve actually become more productive!

Although we each bring our own unique skills to bear on each project, our team works together as a cohesive unit, giving us combined effectiveness and power that allows us to offer more than simply the sum of our parts.

Best of all, we love working together. And since happy workers are proven to be 20% more effective than unhappy ones, you can rest assured that when you work with us, you benefit from our best and most engaged efforts!

We Can Help

To hear more about our premium Houston Marketing services here at Reap and Sow Marketing and learn how you can leverage the skills of this power team, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!