6 Things Every SEO Agency Should Include

SEO is all the buzz nowadays and we get a lot of clients that have had horrible experiences with previous SEO companies. There must be a lot of big talkers out there because if an SEO agency tells you they optimized the site and then we take a look and it looks like nobody has optimized the site in like forever, that’s just wrong. At Reap + Sow, we keep things as transparent as possible and work with the client to maximize efforts and ROI.

Let’s go ahead and dive into 6 things every SEO Agency should include:

1. Guarantee or Money Back

If in 6 months of work, we are unable to improve your rankings across Google, Bing and Yahoo, we will refund 100% of your money back. A SEO company should earn your trust and business and create a lasting business relationship.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword analysis and mapping finds the best traffic- and business-generators, then maps them to the right part of your site according to competition and opportunity. We would research keywords, compare them with your competitor, then look at some other analytics and select low hanging fruit keywords which are keywords that are easier to rank for. Once we build online authority through backlink building, social posting and optimizing the site, we target higher volume keywords. Its a process or better yet a long term investment. It can bring you great value, choose wisely!

3. Optimizing Your Website

Onsite SEO is all about ensuring your site’s structure and relevance. A good SEO agency should review your current online authority, run a site audit and check over 100 rules to sculpt your SEO like a beautiful piece of art.

4. Goal Tracking & Performance Reports

Analytics and reports give us a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. With the power of Google Analytics, you should expect keyword tracking reports and a simple web analytics report that highlights key point indicators and anomalies.

5. Backlink Building

Any seasoned SEO specialist knows if you have no backlinks, you rank for no keywords. As this tactic is still has the most weight in Google’s search algorithm. And not all backlinks are created equal. Don’t let an SEO spam your site with low ranking backlinks. I would expect if the SEO Agency is producing backlinks, they are most likely good.

6. Content Copywriting

Content strategy supports both onsite and offsite SEO and includes infographics, blog posts, press releases, link bait and more to help your brand become relevant in critical social media realms. This should be a top priority and at the top of the SEO task list. Content is King, make sure your content is geared towards impressing the user. Be descriptive, but not over the top. You want to catch the users attention but not push them away. Our rule of thumb is try to have at least 300 words per page. Anything less than that can decrease your chance to rank higher in the SERPs.

SEO can be a very profitable service to use and should not be looked at as an expense if with the right SEO Agency. If your in the market for an SEO Agency, please give us the chance to earn your business! Let us know your thoughts and feedback for our 6 things every SEO Agency should possess. And if you have some input, please share below in a comment.