Is Ongoing Website Maintenance Necessary?

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance is the key to maintaining a strong online presence and creating positive first impressions. With the majority of business transactions being conducted online, many before even speaking with a salesperson, it’s an absolute necessity for your website to always perform and look its best.

If you’re facing increasing budgetary demands, you might be tempted to put any maintenance-related tasks on the back burner. Below are five reasons why you should never put off website maintenance, and instead, make it a top priority for your business.

1. Keep your site secure through regular updates

The path to a safe, pleasant experience with your site begins with a sound maintenance plan. Here are just a few ways a maintenance provider can boost site security for your business:

  • Screen for security weaknesses and bugs
  • Identify and resolve malware issues to prevent your pages from being de-listed by Google
  • Ensure that all third-party plugins are current and running properly
  • Make sure all of your files are backed up

2. Ensure your site is fast and responsive

Did you know that nearly one-half of the people who surf the internet abandon sites that take more than two seconds to load? Regardless of which website platforms your site uses, it’s up to you to make sure that your site functions properly when visitors access it from their desktops or mobile devices.

By scheduling ongoing website maintenance with Reap and Sow, your website will always operate quickly and reliably. For example, we can make sure your site is mobile-optimized with responsive landing pages that help you convert visitors into customers. Finally, we’ll promote a growth-driven design to continually improve conversion rates.

3. Boost your SEO with new content

New content is a major draw for Google, so keeping your website filled with freshly-created content is essential. A skilled website maintenance specialist will provide your target audience with plenty of new content to consume. Additionally, they will handle the keyword research, ROI reporting, and social media marketing that are critical to ensuring that your site ranks well with top search engines. 

4. Remove broken links and outdated information

Remaining on the cutting edge of progress in your industry is critical, regardless of the type of business you own. But it’s hard to position yourself as an industry leader if your website is full of broken links, outdated information, and irrelevant content. 

Ongoing website maintenance is the key to ensuring that any 404 redirects and outdated statistics are identified and either removed or replaced with current information. Also, your maintenance provider will ensure your contact forms, phone numbers, and social media information are up to date and accurate. 

5. Generate more leads by optimizing CTAs

As a business owner or operator, your livelihood hinges on the leads you generate. Without a steady flow of inquiries, quote requests, and new orders, your business will stagnate quickly. Fortunately, you can prosper in all of these areas if you can effectively motivate your target audience.

A skilled website maintenance specialist will help you achieve your goals by optimizing your calls to action (CTAs). We’ll use wording, positioning, and buttons to entice your target audience to take action. And we’ll create a sense of urgency to help generate leads faster and shorten your overall sales cycle. 

What is the key to successful ongoing website maintenance?

The benefits of ongoing website maintenance are too compelling to ignore. But not all site maintenance providers are created equal. 

The key to successful ongoing website maintenance is to choose an agency with at least a decade of inbound marketing experience and a proven track record of successfully maintaining websites in your industry. 

We invite you to contact us at Reap and Sow Marketing today to discover why business owners across America have turned to us for years to keep their websites in tip-top shape.

In addition to ongoing website maintenance, we can also help you develop a winning marketing strategy, drive results through paid advertising, and help boost your brand image. We look forward to serving as your trusted resource for all of your marketing needs.

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