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Troy web
02 Jun 2020
Local SEO

Q&A with a Houston SEO Expert

Troy Cartmill, Houston SEO Expert from Reap+Sow Marketing, recently gave a short interview to help business owners utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maintain momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic.“Social distancing is not preventing deals from happening it’s just moving them online. Web content will be your top sales tool during this crisis and high keyword…
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Social media engagement
26 May 2020
Social Media

Proven Tactics for Better Social Media Engagement

Your social media accounts need to drive engagement to nurture potential clients and build your brand. Consumers are interacting with brands on their phone throughout the day, viewing posts, engaging, learning about products and filtering out the brands that put more focus on their post count than actual engagement.  Neglecting social media goes beyond not…
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19 May 2020
SEO Tips

The Affordable Way to Improve Website Traffic

Ranking high on Google is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve website traffic and grow a business. However, competition to get to the top is fierce — and if you're operating within a tight budget, it may be daunting to allocate more resources to search engine marketing. Fortunately, there are ways…
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3 Way to Strengthen Your Brand in a Crisis
12 May 2020
Growth Hacking

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand During a Crisis

Now is the time to strengthen your brand. Regardless of the size of your company and industry you work in, everyone is being effected by Covid-19. To maintain sales growth, you need to communicate effectively with your customers. That means providing them accurate information and, of course, reassuring them that you and your employees are doing…
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