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17 Jul 2020

Top 5 Niche Marketing Agencies in Houston

Houston is home to hundreds of marketing agencies that each have their own specialty. This unique resource is a starting point to help you identify which marketing partner could be the right fit for your company. Take it with a grain of salt. While each of the following agencies specializes in a particular niche, it…
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14 Jul 2020

Reap and Sow Named Best SEO Agency in Houston

Reap and Sow was just named the best SEO agency in Houston by We are incredibly honored for the award and recognition and will continue to push our company to adhere to a higher standard. Every day we strive to stand out from our competitors and deliver top-notch service for our clients. We would like…
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HubSpot vs Salesforce
07 Jul 2020

HubSpot vs. Salesforce: Which CRM is Right for You?

CRM systems have numerous benefits for businesses, including enhancing customer service, increasing customer revenue, promoting customer loyalty, and simplifying the sales and marketing process. While CRM is essential for every business, choosing one that meets your business needs and target market can be daunting. The two most popular CRM platforms are HubSpot and Salesforce. This…
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Troy web
02 Jun 2020
Local SEO

Q&A with a Houston SEO Expert

Troy Cartmill, Houston SEO Expert from Reap+Sow Marketing, recently gave a short interview to help business owners utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maintain momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic.“Social distancing is not preventing deals from happening it’s just moving them online. Web content will be your top sales tool during this crisis and high keyword…
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